Do you wish to enjoy full wifi access in your every room? If yes, do you think full wifi access is possible these days? Especially when we are surrounded by various wireless interferences? Think again. Well now it is possible with the help of Belkin wifi range extender. A Belkin wifi range extender is an amazing device. It helps to repeat the wifi signal of the key router and enlarges its coverage. We can say it acts like a bridge, taking wifi signals from the main router & transmitting it to the areas which have weak or no wifi signals. A Belkin range extender is easy to install & can be setup in a snap. Yes, it’s true your Belkin range extender is setup with a plug & play process. We are going to discuss Belkin.setup, here on this page. If you are really interested in setting up the Belkin range extender, this blog is for you. Belkin range extender not only covers the dead spots in your office or house but also boosts the wifi signals of the place, where you least expect wifi signals to reach. So push your wifi signals a little farther to the places where you would love to have access to the internet connection. Go through the below-given steps & learn how to set up your Belkin extender wirelessly.

Ensure the Following Things Prior to Starting the Belkin Range Extender Setup

  • A Belkin Range Extender
  • Your current Wifi network & Router wifi SSID and wifi password.
  • A device which is wifi capable.

Installation of the Belkin Range Extender

  • First, plug in your Belkin range extender into a power outlet. This Power outlet should be be within your wireless router’s network range.
  • Now make use of a wifi capable device & locate or connect to the Belkin.setup network.  Wait for a few seconds until your device connects to the network & then proceed to the next step.

To know more about the steps of Belkin.setup, call us on our toll-free number. We are also available on the live chat support window.

Belkin Range Extender Login

  • Open a web browser on your wifi capable device.
  • Now enter the default web address http://belkin.range, of Belkin range extender setup.
  • Enter the default web address, into your browser’s address bar & then click GO.
  • In case, Belkin extender’s default web address doesn’t work, try using the default IP address. To know what Belkin extender’s default web address is, call us on our toll-free number.
  • When you see next window opened on your computer’s screen, click Get Started.

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